Monday, October 22, 2012


8 years ago my family moved into the Alamo 1st ward where I met one of my best friends. Camille and I did not attend the same high school (she went to the private school nearby), but we still managed to hang out all the time. I loved hanging out with her because she was always up to do anything crazy.  Road trip to Tahoe? Let's do it. Stealing donuts from the Hostess dumpster? She's in. Spontaneous camping trip? No questions asked. 

Camille and I have stayed good friends in college. Even though we don't see each other very often (she's smart and is in the nursing program), when we get back together it's like nothing's changed. A year ago she started dating a guy named Alex she met in the single's ward at home. They dated until this last summer when they got engaged. Last weekend she got married in the Oakland Temple and I was able to come home for it. So happy for you, Camille and Alex!


The theme for the wedding was country and it was perfect. The reception was in a barn and everything was decked out in cowboy boots and bandanas. They even had a caller for square dancing!

After all the wedding festivities I was able to hang out with my family for the weekend. Activities included MV choir concert, watching both Jake and Annie play soccer, hanging out with my wonderful in-laws, shopping,  going to dinner and a play with Adam and Jake in Walnut Creek, and listening to L. Tom Perry speak in our Stake Conference. 


It's hard coming back to real life, but I definitely missed Bradley while I was gone. Sometimes I feel bad that he has to be the responsible one and go to school...

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