Monday, October 15, 2012

How To NOT Get Scammed

I am currently going through the arduous process of selling my wedding dress. I have known all along that I would be parting with this prized posession. I guess I am just too much of a logical thinker and there is no reason for this beauty to sit in my closet and get yellow. Why not turn it into the prized posession of cash in my pocket??

What I didn't know before starting the selling process is that wedding dresses posted on craigslist are a feeding ground for scammers. From the day I posted my ad, I have recieved countless texts from illigitimate phone numbers asking (in broken english) for crazy payment options. Here is an example of an email I recieved yesterday:

Thanks so much for getting back to me....I am about to send the payment to your PayPal account and as I have told you that i have a shipper that will come for the pick up of the item from you, but the shipper don't use PayPal, all they use is Western Union to pay them and i am trying to send the money online but it's not going through and I am on the sea there is no way i can find a western union agent to make the transfer to my pick up agent, so i wanted to ask if it will be OK for me to include my pickup agent's fees together with your payments through your PayPal Account, So you will help me wire the pick up fee to them via western Union Money Transfer immediately i pay you.I don't mean to bother you I'm sure you understand that I'm presently on the sea and there is nothing i can do to that.The bottom line is after I have made the payment into your PayPal account , you will help me wire my pick up agent fee to them through western union money transfer, I just wanted to seek your consent before going ahead with the payments The sum of $250 will be added to the payment that will be send to you, $200 is going to be for the shipper, while the remaining $50 will be the Western Union fee to send the shipper's fee to them. so, I will like you to get the shipper's fee send to them via Western Union as soon as you receive the payment confirmation in your PayPal email account.

Best Regard,

To which I replied:

So for all of you out there trying to sell items I have devised a checklist so you know when someone is trying to scam you. Here are the top three clinchers:

1. They try to win you over by telling you how pretty your dress is and how much they need it.


2. They refuse to call you. Probably because they don't actually speak English


3. There is an excessive amounts of "ok's" in their texts

Be careful out there sellers. It's a world of crazy people.


  1. You left out where you would be without a wise husband!

  2. I didnt try too much on craigslist cuz KSL is usually a better bet for wedding dresses....I just successfully sold mine on there! Good luck:)))

  3. Totally happened to us too, trying to sell my dad's trailer! Only a couple times cuz Christopher hasn't reposted it but same exact scenarios!