Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hey Good Lookin'

You're lookin at the brand new program director of the boy scouts volunteer program at BYU:

Brad decided that he wanted to get involved with YServe on campus for his dental school volunteer hours and so he chose the scouting program. Well, it just so happens that he came in at the perfect time because they were needing another program director and he was picked to be it! This is a great opportunity for him and I am so proud of his hard work!


  1. Okay, so you didn't explain this photo....backpack for school, backpack for clothes to change into after I finished shadowing this morning, box with dental tooth carving stuff, and nike bag with flag football gear. Wish I had time for everything!!!

  2. Oh the life of a pre-(insert profession) student. TJ never felt like their was enough hours in the day to get good grades, participate in research, do community service, fulfill a calling, study for the MCAT, and spend time with his wife. You can't do it all, but it sure is hard to not try!