Tuesday, September 11, 2012

She Brings The Party

My best friend Becca and her fiance Quentin came into town this past weekend. I have some hard feelings toward Quentin because he took Becca up to Rexburg with him, but as long as he brings her to Provo often I might get over it. Becca and Quentin basically have the exact same love story as Brad and I so naturally we all get along. 

Becca and I met our third amigo as freshman at BYU and have been inseparable ever since. Annie, Becca, and I lived together for 2 years and I honestly have never had more fun. These girls are crazy and I love them to death.

Finally all together again after 10 months!

On Saturday Becca took us to a secret rope swing on the Provo River Trail. Despite the water being frigid and smelling like cow manure, we had lots of fun.

Sadly, Becca and Quentin left us for Rexburg on Sunday but we are already planning our next weekend trip with them. Love you guys! 

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