Monday, August 27, 2012

Brad and I celebrated our one year anniversary this past weekend by going up to Park City for the night. Unfortunately Brad got sick on our way up (as seen below) so we took it easy Friday night. By easy I mean he slept in the hotel room while I went to Rite Aid to grab him some gatorade and me some contact solution. Romantic, I know. I was starting to feel like we were having our 10 year anniversary. It's all uphill from here....

He was feeling a lot better after his nap so we were able to get some Cafe Rio late that night. We slept in late Saturday morning and then took our new road bikes out for a ride! Brad called Park City a Utah anomaly because it has such good biking roads and was perfect weather. I agree. I'm still having a hard time switching from running to the biking gear. Why would anyone in the world want to wear shorts that make you feel like you're wearing a diaper? Or an annoying, hot helmet that makes you look like a complete goober?  

We came back to Provo just in time for me to head to my cousin's bridal shower. I love her to death and can't wait til she's married and lives a block away!



Megan received the infamous Jelly Bean Jar from her mom so we had to take a picture. It's a family thing. Get it girl. 

In lieu of Megan's jar I have to report that Brad counted ours this weekend. Cindy, we made you proud.


  1. Megan's jar is even bigger than yours!!! So excited for her and happy 1 year to you and Brad

  2. BAHAHAHA oh my goodness! I read more between the lines of this than I think I did straight up. hahaha love you guys!

  3. I MUST KNOW WHAT THE JAR MEANS!! i mean, i have a guess, but i'm still curious ;) MISS YOU!