Monday, July 23, 2012


I love camping. When I was young, traveling with my family, staying in a Motel 8 was considered a 5 star hotel and camping with an air mattress absolutely unheard of. I can't decide if it is because my parents wanted us to experience the outdoors to its fullest (sleeping on gravel included), or if they just couldn't stand housing 8 people in one room for the night...

But, for those of you who just can't understand the love of camping Jim sympathizes with you:  

Anyway, It was a split second decision when we decided to make reservations at Yellowstone for this past weekend. We both had two days off of work so why not go see some of the beautiful land that surrounds us? It was definitely worth the 20+ hours we spent in the car over three days (no one told me Yellowstone was so huge!). But don't worry, we spent our long car rides busting out to the only CD's Brad has in his car....EFY music. 1995-2009.

We arrived at our campsite late Thursday night after stopping in Rexburg to see our friend's the Dustins. We spent Friday and Saturday driving around and seeing all the different sites in the park. From the hot springs, to the geysers, the wildlife, the rivers, the mountains, and the florescent blue sky (I could go on and on) we were breath-taken by the beauty. It was the perfect getaway:)

Old Faithful was the first site we hit up and it definitely didn't disappoint: 


We drove past the Continental Divide and I screamed for Brad to stop (a very frequent occurrence on this trip).

After Old Faithful we stopped through a canyon that had gorgeous waterfalls:

After our first long day sight seeing we headed back to camp and took a dip in the river. It was surprisingly warm, even though Brad's face proves otherwise:

Brad built us amazing fires for me to cook our delicious tin foil dinners on each night:

The second day I woke up alone in the tent. I found Brad in the car cursing the rain. Luckily it did clear up and we were able to still enjoy the park.

On our way to Mammoth Hot Springs we saw lots of animals!


That last time I went to Yellowstone was about 18 years ago. My parents tell me that I refused to leave the tent because I was afraid of the Buffalo. It has been a running joke in my family and so I was determined to prove that I could be brave one. Then I saw one and realized I was probably a smart four year old. Those things are scary.

And they don't give a junk about anyone or thing:

We finally made it to Mammoth and saw the terraced hot springs. 

We arrived home safely last night and are back at work and school now. I am so grateful for Brad and that he puts up with my adventure seeking antics. He never turns down any of my crazy ideas and is always up for a good time. Can't wait for more spontaneous trips in the future!

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  1. So glad you guys got to do that! It looks like so much fun and I'm sure you had a blast with just the 2 of you. I now equate camping with nightmare since we have a 2 yr old. Yellowstone is awesome!