Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shape Up, Pal

The Olympics were 10 years ago, so why is all of Utah STILL under construction?

This isn't just me over reacting. I have yet to drive 1 mile from either direction of our apartment and not hit some sort of orange cone. 

On top of this, the result of construction=traffic. Everywhere. I don't care who you are. Traffic drives anyone bonkers. Including me. 

Better yet? 3 exits between here and American Fork are closed. And there's no sign warning you of any sort of closures. You know what that means? Miss your exit. Drive 3 miles to the next one. Then take back roads to your destination. Grrrrrr

If there is an explanation for all this construction I would love to hear it. Most of time after they have done some crazy project I can't even tell the difference. 

Utah, I've had enough. Get your act together. 

1 comment:

  1. Remember when I came to visit in Feb. and missed the exit because there were no signs , got off at the next exit and couldn't find a way out of the west side of the freeway!!!! I thought I would NEVER get to your house.