Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Operation: Get That Baby Out!

As part of all the different ways I have been trying to get Kara to go into labor (massages, food, "quality time" with Taylor) I planned a mall scavenger hunt on Saturday. I thought this would be a good way to get up and walking. Kara still goes to the gym and walks on a frequent basis but I figured more can't hurt. 
Here's the game: Each couple takes a camera and has 30 minutes to walk around the mall and take pictures in random places. Then you meet up and switch cameras and have to find the place they took the picture and act it out. 
My plan didn't work...that baby must be very happy all crunched up in Kara's stomach, but not for the lack of effort on my part. It did make for some pretty hilarious pictures though:



My personal fav:


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  1. What an awesome game! I told Kara that baby Remington is just waiting for his Aunt Amber to get there. Kara didn't think that was very funny....