Monday, July 16, 2012

Once An Elder, Always A Boy

Yesterday Brad and I headed up to Salt Lake to see his mission president's homecoming. Brad really looked up to the Poulton's while in Australia and still cannot stop talking about how much he loves them. I couldn't help but be so grateful for all that they taught him and the example they were for his service. President Poulton told me multiple times how good of a missionary Brad was and how lucky I am. I agree!!!!

Then last night we went to the park with the Remington's and Blackwelder's. Dennis started a game of "Simon Says" where someone has to do something crazy on the play equipment and then the other boys had to follow suit. Luckily, no one was sent to the hospital. We were laughing so hard I was worried Kara was going to go into pre-term labor. But then again, she wouldn't hate that.


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