Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fun Filled Fourth

I thought the Fourth of July was going to be a relaxing day spent sitting at home and eating good food. Well, I was wrong. I had to work in the morning starting at 7AM. (Who wants to even train on Holidays anyway??) I came home and got a quick nap in before Brad and I decided to head up to Park City to ride the Alpine Slide. 

It was a beautiful day and we had tons of fun seeing all the different events as well as seeing some skiing athletes practice in the pool. 


We also walked through the Olympic museum. It made me feel patriotic. 


On our way home from Park City I spotted a festival in downtown Provo so I insisted Brad park the car immediately and walk around with me. He grudgingly obeyed.  It basically consisted of dirty stands of crafts and lots of people It's time like these when FOMO (fear of missing out) gets the best of me.

We then headed up to our friend's (Dennis) firework stand. Kara is helping him sell so we stopped by to bring them slurpies and hang out. 

Dennis took Brad and I to one of his buyer's fireworks show. The guys bought over 4,000 dollars worth of fireworks and blew them off in less than 20 minutes. You make your own judgements. But it was a legitimate party. 

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