Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Boy

Brad turned 23 last week!!! I've been a little behind on blogging, life should just go on hold during the olympics...
We celebrated by going with Kara and Taylor to a sliders restaurant in Provo. I never want to go to a hamburger place for dinner so I decided for his birthday I could sacrifice.  After dinner everyone came to my core class that I teach at 24 and then we came home and had cake! I made Brad a brownie fudge oreo mint ice cream cake. Talk about number one wife award.  


 WE got road bikes for Brad's birthday. We are one. One of us gets a bike, so does the other. But talk about one excited birthday boy. He literally checked the tracking on the shipment every hour until they came. They finally arrived on Friday and we went on a ride on Saturday. On our way home his front tire popped. :( Talk about one very sad birthday boy. Hopefully it will be fixed soon so we can start riding!


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  1. rachel did surely sacrifice by taking me to a burger place, yet she still didn't eat one ;)