Saturday, June 16, 2012

True Friendship

This weekend we went on our first camping trip together. Brad was all ready to go when I came home from work...

We went up to a spot in Spanish Fork canyon that was in the middle of nowhere. We didn't stay in a campground so we were literally all by ourselves. Dennis brought his hand gun and I got to shoot one for the first time! I was super scared, but I hit the target! (It was only 10 feet away)


Brad was a natural:

After shooting and setting up camp we made tin foil dinners and sat around the campfire just laughing and enjoying each other's company.


All the couples:

Make sure to tell Kara how cute her belly is...She won't believe me. 

After eating lots of good food and peach cobbler we all piled our air mattresses into Dennis and Mia's 10 person tent and had a sleepover. THAT'S true friendship.

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  1. Kara, you are HAWT in all your pregnant glory! I can't wait to meet baby Brayden, or whatever you end up naming him :) And btw, I want to go camping with you guys!! Totally jealous!