Sunday, June 10, 2012

Im Tired, Sore, And Perfectly Happy

We had quite the weekend, full of exciting events. On Friday night our Ultimate Frisbee team was in the championship game. During regular season we only won 2 games, so it was pretty amazing that we made it so far. We ended up losing the game, but it was such a fun season. 

Yes, that kid is in a neck brace. We had 1 guy break his leg and tear his ACL, one sprain his ankle, and one break his neck. Intramurals are intense. 

On Saturday morning I ran the Utah Valley Marathon with my best friend Annie and Brad ran the half. We had to be at the buses that took us up to the starting line at 4 am. Then ran 26.2 miles. 

This was Annie's first marathon and I am so glad that we ran/trained together. We were made for each other. Our weekly runs were the perfect time to get together to talk and catch up and our paces matched each other perfectly. 


The course was absolutely beautiful as we ran through the Utah Valley Canyon. There is something about the marathon and being surrounded by people who are completely crazy like you. Everyone is there to support each other. If you ever need someone to talk to about getting motivation to run one i'm the girl you want to talk to. I have a testimony of marathons. 

 Brad found us at mile 21. Still smiling and happy.


The worst thing about running a marathon is being sore for the next week. I've heard really good things about ice baths and how they help with soreness so I decided to try it. It was disgustingly cold, but I think it worked. I feel really good today and can actually walk down stairs. Brad tried to get in after me and lasted about 2 seconds. Then he screamed like a girl and got out. I was entertained. 

Brad had to work in the afternoon (poor guy didn't even get a nap) and so I went to the Orem City Parade with Kara and Taylor. Lots of pretty, shiny floats.

Kara was in it with the basketball team she coaches so Taylor and I sat on the street trying to be inconspicuous while getting as much candy as we could. Taylor will be a lot more parade useful once he has a baby.

If you look really closely you can see Kara. We told her exactly where we were so that hey team would pound us with candy. It rained Laffy Taffy.

Oh, and I cut my hair. It's a little bit of a sore subject because I miss my long hair, but I am trying to get used to it. I didn't want to take a picture by myself, so I made Brad take one with me. If you hate it don't say anything because I will burst into tears (Brad learned the hard way), and if you love it keep telling me


  1. first of the hair. i mean L O V E it :) also i think i remember Taylor being like that at too only now I have kids to "get" the cany from....i am impressed with the marathons you have been doing...and you look happy!

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  3. Spelled too many words wrong, try again. Great running, getting up so early would kill me. The ice bath was great. This surgery really taught me about ice. Brad and the ice made me laugh...I could hear him.

  4. Rach! your hair is seriously sooooo cute! i love it! you look really great!!!

  5. I laughed out loud thinking about Brad yelling like a little girl...