Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm Quitting My Day Job

I really like throwing parties. I don't know if it came about because Pinterest gives me such good ideas that I want to use, or I just like having people in my home, but yesterday was a day of parties. First, Courtney and Christopher Dustin came over for breakfast. Courtney has been Brad and mine's best friend for years and she now lives in Rexburg, ID while her and Christopher go to school. Every time they come down to Provo we make sure to see each other at least once and catch up. I miss having Courtney around all the time, but occasional visits will have to do.


Then in the afternoon I threw a baby shower for Kara. She is due in August and I cannot wait! 

I did a chocolate fountain with all sorts of yummy dippings. Here was my chance to use a "pinterest recipe". I can't believe how well it turned out. 


Lots and lots of people came (basically the whole rugby team) and she got some awesome sports gear to dress her little guy in. Baby Remington will be a total stud


Kara also really needed a crib so I put together a group gift and found her a beautiful oak crib and some awesome sports bedding. The husbands put up the crib while we were at the shower so we surprised her after opening presents. 

 Finally last night we all went up to Kara's best friends reception up in Salt Lake. Janelle and Kara have been friends for almost 8 years now and I kind of feel like she is my adopted older sister. She looked absolutely stunning last night and the reception was beautiful.



When we were ready to leave Kara and I couldn't find Brad or Taylor until we walked out front and this is what we saw. Brad and Taylor hanging out by the pond. It's guy love. And it warms our hearts. 

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  1. Right on Rachel :) thanks for coming up - I think of you as a sister too :) I just love your family so much. Great post