Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moving Day

The past three days have been mayhem. On Friday we moved! It was just across town, but let me tell you, it felt like across the country. I wanted to get some pictures of the old basement/cellar so one day we can show our children. For nostalgia's sake. 


We love our new apartment! You never realize what you didn't have until you get it. It amazing to have natural sunlight and open space! We now don't have to squeeze by each other in the bathroom/kitchen/bedrooms. We're still working on unpacking and getting the water heater turned on (showers? Eh, who needs em) I promised my mama Coons that I would put pictures up so here are some.  It's still a little look past the mess:)


On top of moving, this weekend was our peak run before the marathon in 3 weeks. Brad had to take a test yesterday so I had to run 20 miles by was rough. 26.2 miles? Bring. It. On.

Also, my cousin and her husband and sweet little baby stayed with us for the weekend. Our first house guests! I love when they come because they bring Stella. I told them she is their ticket in the door. So cute!

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  1. Thanks Rachel! Love your new home...and your cousin's dolly!