Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthgradathon

This past weekend was very eventful. Get ready for pictures. First, Taylor graduated from BYU in mechanical engineering. He starts a double masters in business and engineering on Tuesday. Yep, he's smart.




We celebrated afterwards at a restaurant here in Provo then some of us went to the Nickelcade. 




Saturday we ran a marathon! My mom ran the half (she's inspirational) and Brad and I ran the full. 

At mile 21 I ran past my family cheering me on. Miles 19-23 were pretty rough and I was exhausted so when I saw them I got really emotional. I am so grateful for their support.

I made Annie run with me for a littler bit...she's a good sport.

I had made a goal to finish before 4 hours. My dad had even said he would pay for my next race if I met my goal. I was way ahead of schedule before mile 21, but  I slowed down a lot and I knew it would be a close call. The last mile is a huge hill coming into the city and it put me behind on my pace. My dad found me before the hill and helped me get up it. When I reached the top of the hill I could see the finish line about 5 blocks away. I checked my watch and I had exactly 2 minutes til 4 hours. I put everything I had into that last sprint and made it! My time: 3:59:59. I'd say it was my lucky day. 

This was Brad's first marathon and his goal was to finish, and he did! I don't think he'll be doing another one anytime soon, but I am so proud of him for trying it out. He told me yesterday that it was the hardest thing he has ever done and he would way rather serve two more missions than do that again.


The soreness kicked in about 2 seconds after we finished and I can no longer walk up or down stairs. Getting on and off of the toilet is also a difficult task...

It was also my birthday yesterday so after showering and resting we celebrated by going out to dinner and then saw The Hunger Games.

I am so sad that everyone has to go back home and that school starts tomorrow, but it was a good break while it lasted! 


  1. I totally understand Brad's feeling of not wanting to do it again! That's exactly how I felt. But now that I've had 7 years to dull the memory of the pain, I'm thinking it might be fun to do again...

  2. What a weekend!!! Happy birthday to you! I love that you finished with a second to spare - that is so awesome! Brad's comment about the marathon is priceless. We sure do miss you guys!