Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Tonight Brad and I won an intramural championship! The shirts they give out for the winning team are a very coveted item at BYU. My dad is still sad that he never won one.  My team won last year so I am a two year reigning champ.

We had a killer team this year. Also, the t-shirts are way cooler:

During our water polo game my football team was ALSO playing in the championship game. I had to pick between the two and decided that water polo needed me more. I play on a team with a bunch of my old rugby teammates and it's a blast. We've been playing football for three years and have made it to the championship game every time and then lost. Not TODAY! So proud of us!

You better believe we'll be flaunting our winning t-shirts as often as possible. I think i'll auction off my second one...any takers?

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