Sunday, April 8, 2012


My family never celebrated the easter bunny growing up so today was a big day for me. I put out our easter baskets that I had organized last night to surprise Brad but he accidently saw them. So this morning I got up early and sent him on an easter egg hunt. This was his reaction:

Apparently Teresa would put their baskets right at the edge of their bed so they could just wake up and start eating candy. Not this year...I made him work for it:). 



Talk about the best husband ever. He surprised me with a HUGE basket of candy. I was put to shame. 

Kara and Taylor then came over for breakfast before church. I made cinnamon roll pancakes. Yum.

Brad made me my very own. 

Happy Easter!

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  1. I remember my freshman year in college some of the girls on my floor found out that I had never gotten an Easter basket, so Easter morning I woke up to one that they had put together for me. But, now I do the same thing to my kids - no Easter baskets in our house this morning! And those cinnamon roll pancakes look divine - pinterest right?