Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recently I have been thinking about why I love running. Most people I tell that I love to run look at me in disgust and abhorrence at the thought of it. Little do they know this just fuels my fire.

As I was running the other day and I began thinking (cause what else can you do on a run?) about all the reasons I am completely in love with it. I decided to indulge you in my thoughts and hope that maybe you can maybe start understand my obsession.

1. ANYONE can run. I started out running as a chubby, insecure wannabe. Things change.

2. Your body can do amazing things. You can always go farther and faster than you think you can. Don't believe me? Try it. 

3. The worst part is getting out the door. Somedays I contemplate if it's even worth the time and energy. Then I run. And I never regret it.

4. It brings peace. There is no better way to find peace than to be running outdoors by yourself. It's in these moments that I can finally hear myself think and I can review all the thoughts that are streaming through my mind constantly. 

5. Prayers are answered while running. Remember the whole peace feeling? There is no where else you get closer to the spirit than on a long run in pure, silent nature. I have had more thoughts and answers to questions come to me while running than any where else...minus the temple.

6. Running brings people together. I meet a fellow runner and I have an instant friend. 

7. Be patient. You have to wait to see results. It's impossible to go out and run a marathon, but after weeks and weeks of training it IS possible. I have learned to be patient with my goals and what I want to achieve.

8. There's a reason running has become a national fad through all the wars, The Depression, and The Recession...it relieves stress!

9. When emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted the best thing you can do is smile. While running and in life.

So there you have it. This list is not all inclusive, I find new things I love everyday, but it is just some of the many reasons I can proudly say I am runner:)

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