Monday, March 19, 2012


This last weekend we went down to Southern Utah to watch my best friend Annie run in the half marathon. Her and I became instant friends when we met our freshman year at BYU and lived together up until I got married. She is crazy, funny, spiritual, beautiful, adventurous, and just an amazing friend. She also is a powerhouse runner and finished the half in 1:45! Brad and I decided it was too expensive to run in the half so we ran in Moab and met the race runners at the finish line. Pathetic, I know. But that's how we roll:)


After the race we went up to Arches National Park. I guess we hadn't exercised enough that day so we hiked in to Delicate Arch. It was super windy, but oh so beautiful. Lots of pictures:



It was a good weekend:)

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  1. man... i took some good pictures of you two.... you can thank me later.