Sunday, March 4, 2012


In high school Brad and I were always giving each other massages. Our friends hated it and always thought it was weird(I don't deny it), but I guess it was a way we could platonic(ally?) touch each other.

For Valentine's Day I got Brad and I a couple's massage. I guess we've moved passed the touching each other and are willing to pay someone else for it. Brad has never gotten a professional massage so when I found an awesome deal on Groupon for an hour couple's massage, 30 minute chair massage, and 20 minute oxygen bar, I jumped on the deal. Talk about gold. I think he's converted. When the lady asked him if he had any areas he wanted her to stay away from he looked at me awkwardly and said, "uuuuh, just nowhere too personal." 


We got our massage last week and then went back yesterday for the chair and oxygen bar. The chair was like a regular chair...on steroids. After running 16 miles yesterday, we were loving every second. I couldn't even get him to look at the camera. Talk about relaxed.

The oxygen bar was a little bit of a let down. They look really fun and colorful, but I felt like I was being drugged the whole time and Brad kept saying how much of a joke it was. But it was a fun experience and we enjoyed it. 


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  1. Massages are the best! What a fun Valentine's Day present. The only time TJ and I got a couple's massage was 4 days after I had Kate. Bonnie paid for us to get one at the Hotel Hershey and it was divine! They used a chocolate scented oil - it was great!