Sunday, March 11, 2012

24 Hours of Craziness

Why is it that weekends go by so fast? Here's what we've been doing:
1. Studied for our humanities test. Thank goodness we are taking a class gives us a reason to lay in bed for hours. We're good students
2. I had an intramural soccer game. Soccer is NOT my best sport, but they need someone who can run and is in shape. I can do that.
3.We went an arcade (it was free with our starving student cards) and blew away 40 coins in about 20 minutes. Since when do arcade games cost 10 coins?? Oh, and we got 3 piece of candy to show for it:)


4. Got up early and ran 16 miles. Training is in full session. Brad isn't so sure that he loves it, but at least it was sunny and warm!
5. I had another intramural game. Flag football. Yes, I was tired.
6. Took my humanities test while Brad laid comatose on the bed for 2 hours. 
7. Drove up to Salt Lake to visit my Grandma Longhurst. She is serving a church history mission up there so we went and had dinner with her and saw a program in the tabernacle. It was so fun spending the evening with her. It will definitely happen again soon. 

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