Sunday, February 19, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

Some of you may know that in order to graduate in August I have been looking for an internship. I have been searching for one since last August and have been really frustrated with the lack of opportunities here in Provo. It has become even more of a stressor recently because time is ticking and August is quickly approaching. I have spent countless hours applying, interviewing, and crying over failed attempts. I finally decided that I would trust in the Lord and whatever was supposed to happen would. Literally 2 days later an opportunity fell into my lap. I am working with an amazing woman who is starting 2 businesses in the fitness industry. One is a running retreat called Run Like A Girl, and the other is Babies n' Brides. This is exactly what I have been looking for and I am so excited for the new opportunities that will come of it. My heart is bursting with gratitude.
This whole experience has been such a testimony to me of the power of prayer, fasting, and trusting in the Lord. I am also so grateful for the support of family and especially my husband. Even though at times I feel inadequate and am worried that I will never succeed, I know that I can do anything with their help. Love you all!

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