Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

I have this weird fascination with road trips. One time my mom drove all 6 of us kids (Annie wasn't born yet) to Nauvoo, Illinois by herself. In a van without air conditioning. Both ways. Either she is absolutely crazy or incredibly amazing. It was one of the most memorable trips of my family, and I hope to continue the road trip tradition with my family. 

Brad and I both have never been to the strip in Las Vegas so we decided to take a trip. It just so happens I have a cousin living down there for only another year so we capitalized:) It was nice to get away from the cold, stressful provo and have some fun. Here are the highlights:

1. The drive. Southern Utah is actually really pretty with tons of red rock and funky landscape. 


2. Hanging out with Jason and Jess for a couple hours. They actually left Friday night to go to San Diego so they let us use their apt in Henderson for the weekend. We owe you!

3. Saturday morning run. I can't even describe how wonderful it was. It was so warm and beautiful. We took a trail that went all throughout the town and loved it. Never thought i'd say this, but I wouldn't hate living there. Minus the whole prostitute and gambling thing. 

4. The Stratosphere. In the afternoon we headed down to the strip to check it out. We went here first because we wanted to ride the rides before the crowds got crazy at night. You could see a whole view of the city up on top. It kinda reminded me of the Space Needle which I have never been up. Even after 15 years of living in Seattle. Anyways, we decided to go with the ride INSANITY. Seems fitting. My mom would have freaked. We thought it wasn't that scary. Next trip:bungy jumping. 

5. We then headed to the Casinos to watch the free shows. People can do some weird stuff with their bodies...i'll leave that up to your imagination.

6. Sushi Buffet. Delicious. 


7. Bellagio fountains. Beautiful.


8. M&M shop. 4 floors of pure M&M paraphernalia.

9. We decided once it got dark to head home. Our eyes and purity could only take so much. But we did manage to get some pretty cool pictures of the streets!


It was a great trip, hopefully the start of many...my future children have no idea what they're getting into!


  1. What an awesome trip! You guys really now how to get everything in and make a trip worthwhile. We need to go to Vegas, maybe you could show us how to do it sometime!

  2. Yes! We would love that! But first you guys should come to Provo!