Sunday, January 1, 2012

Im holding a grudge.

Brad and I have always been competitive. In high school I would pick fights with him and then ALWAYS lose.  Take, for instance, our long lasting water fight Sophomore year. I thought I would be so clever and end it by placing buckets of water by my car so I could surprise him after school. Turns out, I was the one soaking wet. It's sad to say some things never change. I tried picking a silly string fight with him last night at midnight and this is what happened:

Check out that annoying grin of victory. 

Why don't I ever learn? If anyone has suggestions on how to start a fight I can actually win, let me know. It's a new year and I am going to reverse the roles....but for now I will be picking silly string out of my hair. 


  1. Well, some people are winners, and some people marry winners.... :)

  2. Well this is just silly!! BRAD you are married. She is your wife. Give her a freakin' break. Some day there will be a fight that he will never live down beating you. Like I am thinking when you are 8 months pregnant or soemthing....