Thursday, January 26, 2012

Colorful Balls of Happiness

I have a confession. I am obsessed with sprinkles. Most people like to put tons of chocolate candies and syrup on their ice cream, but me? I am perfectly satisfied with just sprinkles. And I don't just want a couple here and there. Every bite better be full of them. 


After doing much experimenting I am pretty picky about the type of sprinkle. The best are obviously nonpareils. They are the perfect size and shape. The more colorful the better. As seen below. My least favorite are the sequin ones. They aren't crunchy enough and have a weird after taste. 

I realized I really had a problem when last night Brad picked up an empty bottle of sprinkles that I had bought a month ago and asks "Are you serious?" Oops. 

I think the only person who understands me is my little sister, Analise. She's 10. She engages in large sprinkle(s?) consumption with me and I love her for it. 


  1. I had NO idea you had a fascination with sprinkles!