Friday, December 23, 2011

"No Mom, You Can't Wear This Later"

An ugly sweater party is a holiday must. Lynn Reminton, Kara's mother in-law is a party planner queen and threw one tonight for the Longhurst and Remington family's. Holy cow are there some ugly sweaters out there. Troy (Taylor's brother) won the grand prize. He deserved it. 

The prize was a giant rice krispy sweater treat! Told you Lynn's amazing. 

These two were wore doozies as well. You can't tell, but Amber's had sequins. Egggh.

Brad and I won "the hot tamale" award for making an ugly sweater still look good! It must have been my leopard print sweater with the sexy pink scarf...puuuuur. 

How can it be an ugly sweater on such a cute baby? So adorable.

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