Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Am So Not Competitive.

This past Thursday was our ward's Christmas party. There was a ham catered dinner and talent show. Brad and I decided that the blue suits might be a little crazy for this ward so we opted out of it. Maybe next time we'll show our true selves. There was, however, a dessert contest. I wasn't going to participate in that either until I found out there were gift cards for the winner. Olive Garden gifts cards actually. Olive Garden is one of Brad's favorite places to eat so I decided that I might as well try. (For future reference: if they gave prizes out for the talent show we would have participated) After much research I decided on a recipe that I found on Pinterest(surprise surprise) chocolate mousse cheesecake with salted pretzel crust.

We didnt win first place, but we got second! No Olive Garden for us...we got a 15 dollar Coldstone giftcard instead. Our second favorite food. Ice cream:) I also volunteered for a bum shaking contest for socks and a mug. I won. Boom baby



  1. HAha. I just saw you blog. I love that you won a bum shaking contest. That's hilarious!

  2. The bum shaking doesn't surprise me. I'm just sad I missed it :)