Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Festivities

I realized I never posted pictures of our Christmas decorations in our apartment so here they are:

I was so excited when I found a "Charlie Brown" tree at DI for 4 dollars! Yay for the holidays.

I am beginning to question Brad's excitement for this time of year. I think he might already be sick of Christmas music blasting through the apartment. Either it's my music choice or he is The Grinch. It's gonna be a long eternity if he cant love my melodic N sync and Micheal Buble Christmas albums. 

He did, however, get into decorating gingerbread houses the other night. I bought on sale Halloween houses back in November for 2 dollars each. They came pre-assembled with toppings and frosting. Genius!  We went over to Kara and Taylor's the other night and had a festive evening. 


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  1. Ack! Do you have the NSYNC CD?? Or is it just on your itunes? I used the have the CD but I can't find it anywhere. Best Christmas music ever!