Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dear Tahoe, You Need Snow

 The day after Christmas my family packed up and went up to Tahoe for a few days. Snow is coming in short supply at the resorts right now, but we still braved the rocks and tops of trees and hit the slopes. I felt like I was playing Mario trying to dodge all the rocks and sticks. But I can't complain because it was sunny, warm, and beautiful.

We rented a house near King's Beach and when we weren't snowboarding we were playing games at home. Adam bought Kara and Taylor the game called "Epidemic" and it was a big hit. We spent hours playing it, and as you can tell by the concentration in the picture below, it was really intense. There was lots of debating, loud talking, and crazy strategies. I was exhausted afterwards. If you are living in Provo and are ever bored you are welcome to come play with us at Kara and Taylor' will be an often occurrence.


  1. Glad you guys liked Epidemic! And it looks like a fun trip, even if there wasn't much snow :)

  2. For the record the game is called pandemic everybody!!! But if you are going to miss call it you light as well call it epicdemic because it is an epic game! Thanks Adam for continuing to be fully awesome.