Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weird Things Are Happening in Our Neck of the Woods

I know we live in Provo, but this week we have seen weirder things than normal. Maybe it's the change in weather, or maybe finals coming up are making people go wack, or maybe it's the football team's terrible record this year. I do really love Provo and all it's  many quirks...but I am beginning to question our sanity. I prove my point by the following:

As Brad and I were walking home from class one day we saw this on an apartment building. There are a couple things wrong with this picture. First, if you're asking to marry someone should you really have to beg? Second, really? The temple? I'm all for eternal marriages, but isn't that slightly cliche??

I spy three creepy creepy statues in this person's yard. Someone please explain to me what is going on because this seriously freaks me out everyday on my way to campus.

Football players sleeping in class...not that abnormal. Football players snoring really loud while sleeping in class while everyone is taking pictures....pretty abnormal.

All in all I do love weird things happening. Makes life more enjoyable. And me feel slightly more normal.


  1. HAHA. Love the engagement...hmm hope that worked out for him. I guess... :) And I agree that those statues... if you can call them that, are THE creepiest things to ever grace the streets of Provo. They've gotta go!

  2. OH my! I am SOOO freaked out by those statues. I want to know where they are?! That's just weird.

  3. They are on 500 west, I think around 300 east. They took them down this week though. Weird.

  4. i know what they are! they were to celebrate the band The Moth & The Flame's CD release on 11.11.11! amazing band! dunno why the giants though.. sure got attention! but now everyone knows where they live haha