Monday, November 7, 2011

Lesson Learned, Complaining Gets You Far

I love Macy's. Their customer service is outstanding and they always have smokin hot deals. They bend over backwards to help you get the best price and you can literally take back ANYthing. They treated us so well all throughout our weding registry and returns that I could never say anything bad about them. Until we went shopping for a mattress. We had tons of left over money there in gift cards after our wedding (i'm telling you, they hooked us up) that we decided to buy our mattress from them. Well. It didnt go so smoothly. After 2 deliveries of the wrong mattress, 1 skipped delivery, and a 3 hour "delivery time" every Saturday for the month of September we FINALLY got the right mattress. I was furious. I actually cried the second time they brought us the wrong one I was so upset. I decided that  I would take my anger out by writing corporate about our experience. It felt great to send that letter out.
I hadn't heard from them in over a month so I thought nothing would happen. This week I ate my words. We got a package in the mail with a personal apology to me and Brad and a 50 dollar gift card! I believe in forgiveness.

Thank goodness because I really hated hating them after all they've done for us. I told Brad that he better look through the store because now I know where I am buying his christmas gift:)

I love you Macy's and I will never doubt you again. 


  1. Totally a great lesson learned! I have written several letters and/or complained online to a company when I was not happy, and usually they will do something to make it up to you. I'm glad that you guys got the mattress you really wanted - it's definitely important, and something that you will have for at least the next 10 years, unlike most other furniture in your apartment :)

  2. SO glad you finally got your mattress and the $50 gift card. It's so frustrating when things like that happen but I'm glad they made up for it.