Sunday, November 6, 2011


This weekend Brad and I drove up to Rexburg, Idaho. Melissa(my cousin) just had a baby a week ago and her sister Kim was having a baby shower. They were both due 1 week apart at the end of November but Melissa got pre-clampsia and ended up having emergency c-section last friday. We are so grateful her and Ryan are healthy and doing well. It was so fun to be with family!



Court and her husband took us on a tour of Rexburg...the temple is beautiful, but I am sad we didnt get a picture with them in it!

I'm sad I didn't take more pictures of the weekend with cousins, it was a fast couple days. It was fun to get away from Provo for the weekend, except for the fact that Rexburg is FREEZING. Brad and I were not prepared for the bitter cold. We thought it would be fun to go running in the snow Saturday...crazy. Two words. Brain freeze. We definitely need to invest is some warmer running gear. We're just breaking the ice(literally) for the winter and training for the marathon. 

Rexburg is beautiful and I am sure we will be going back soon, especially since there will be 2 babies for me to play with:).

Ill leave you with a video of Brad. Pretty sure I married him for the constant entertainment he provides. He never stops making me laugh and I love him for it. 


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  1. Pretty funny! Man it looks little Ryan a redhead? He is precious!