Tuesday, November 1, 2011


For halloween we went over to Kara's friends (Kelly) house for the evening. They both served together in the Switzerland Mission. Kara received a raclette maker for her wedding and last night was the first time she's used it. Supposedly they do it all the time in Switzerland. You basically place really really stinky cheese under these hot stones which melts it. After the cheese is melted you pour it on a baked potatoes and top it with all sorts of vegetables. I tried doing it the "Swiss" way, but couldn't take the cheese. Maybe if I had served a mission I wouldn't be so snobbish about my food?


Here was the spread for the night:

Kelly and her sister made beautiful caramel apples for dessert. They were so beautiful I didn't want to eat them. Dont worry, that didnt last very long. I was so impressed I had to take a picture.

We finished off the night watching Captain America. Dont ask me how if I liked it...cause I slept through it:). Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. Skip the stinky cheese, eat the beautiful caramel apple...a girl after my own heart!