Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who says married people are boring?

Some married couples like to sleep in on their Saturday mornings, make breakfast and enjoy their day off of school. Brad and I? We're out of control. Here is yesterday's schedule:

7:30 am-Woke up  (yeah Dad, be impressed) to go on a 9 mile run together in 39 degree weather. I'm trying to acclimate Brad to cold weather running...we'll be doing a lot of it next semester, training for the marathon that I am making(happily encouraging) him to run with me:)

9:30 am- Stretched really fast after our run so that we could make it to BYU Homecoming Parade! Anyone who doesn't go is missing out. BYU basically reimbursed us for our tuition in candy, gift cards, t-shirts, toothbrushes(Brad was especially happy to use it), toys, and entertainment.


12:00 pm-Left Brad at home to finish homework and went to my cousin, Melissa Richardson's baby shower. LOVED seeing my cousins:). FTL

1:00 pm-Went to the BYU women's rugby game. They slaughtered New Mexico 75-0.

3:30 pm-FINALLY got pictures hung up in our house(Brad took a nap...he admittedly struggles to keep up with me). STILL can't waiting for wedding pictures to come.

4:30 pm-Went to the temple. By far the most important thing we did yesterday.

7:00 pm-Went shopping for Brad. He desperately needs new clothes. It's freaky when he walks out in the morning with the same outfits he wore in high school.

8:30 pm-Went to dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe. Food=more important than BYU football. Wonderful/terrible experience. We woke up STILL full. But hey, we're poor and married college students so we have to get our money's worth.

11:00 pm-Brad's stroke of genius for the day...decision to hike the Y. YOLO(you only live once) BabyWe were so full after dinner and Brad has never done it, what better reasons do you need?

1:00 am-Fell asleep next to my best friend in the whole wide world.


  1. Whoa! I NEVER did that much stuff in a single day ever. You're gonna make a great mom, Rachel!

  2. I'm tired after the early morning run!!!!