Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My best friend...she's 22!

Yesterday was the celebration of my best friend Rebecca Adamson's birthday. I have known her since the pre-existence. Literally. Our parents have been best friends since college and our families lived together before we were even born making us friends for eternity. Growing up I lived in Bothell, Wa and she lived in Pasco, Wa which meant it was only a 3.5 hour drive to be re-united:) We went to each other's girls camps, we roomed at EFY together, and we were roommates for 3 years at BYU. We come as a pair. And I love her with all my heart.

Brad and I surprised her yesterday morning with balloons and cake-balls. Then in the afternoon her and I and our other best friend Annie Anderson(she's amazingly made the dynamic duo a fantastic three-some) took a much needed shopping trip to DI...just like the old days. Later in the evening we all got dressed up and went out to sushi. I'd say we celebrated pretty well:)




It was a wonderful birthday for an amazing person. I love you Becca and Happy Birthday!!!


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  2. Whoops, posted first under TJ... LOVE the red pumps! And Happy Birthday Becca! And we HAVE known the Adamsons since the pre-existence - awesome, awesome family!

  3. I love that Brad went even with being the only guy with THAT many girls! haha and I didn't know you guys were friends with maren! I saw her and becca in the same picture of FB the other day and here today! She was my freshman FHE sister! small awesome world :D

    Also....I love the red pumps as well :D

  4. This is the best LOVE declaration I've ever seen. I may be a tad bit biased because it's highlighting me. But I'm serious. You're the bestest best friend. Loves :)