Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm A Scaredy Cat

I used to love going to haunted houses, watching scary movies, and getting scared to death during halloween season. Have I grown up? Because now I hate it. Brad decided we used to love going to scary things together because it gave us a reason to "flirt" and be close to each other. He's probably right. The other night we turned on a show about zombies and I made him turn it off in the first minute. I couldn't handle it. On friday night Brad's mission companion who lives in Midway had some couples over for dinner and to watch the BYU football game. During the game a guy came in the house with a chainsaw and a mask to scare all of us. I almost peed my pants. I think I'll stick with the gore of watching BYU lose every week. I can handle that.

Yesterday we went and saw a family that was visiting from Brad's mission. It was fun to hear about all their memories together. They could not say enough nice things about Brad and how good of a missionary he was. Makes me proud:)

Then last night the married couples from my New Zealand study abroad got together for dinner and caramel apple decorating. Here's the thing about the people I met in New Zealand...they are all crazy(including husbands) which is why we all get along so well:) I basically died laughing the whole night. I love all of them.


After the party we stopped by Kara and Taylor's (a party weekend wouldn't be the same without them in it) so they could perform a magic show they had been practicing.


We were blown away. Magicians to the max. Brad and I feel like we need a talent like that to "wooo" other couples with. Maybe then we'll make friends?


  1. haha!! maybe that's what adam and i need too..a talent that will win us married friends. so much fun last night, love you rach :)

  2. Absolutely, a talent definitely is essential to making married friends ;) And Kara and Taylor better keep practicing because I want to see this magic show at Christmas!