Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friends, Family, and Fall

Yesterday I went on the most beautiful hike with Becca and Kira. We hiked up to scout falls which is up the American Fork canyon. Fall is the best time of year in Provo. The vibrant colors were breathtaking. It was so great to be out in nature and spend an afternoon enjoying the gorgeous landscape that Utah has to offer.

Poor Brad had to stay home and study:( Mid-terms are this week. If you ever want to find him he will be sitting at his desk looking like this:

Today I hosted cousin dinner for the Longhurst side. (Megan represented the Thraps) This is the first time I've seen my cousin Scott since he's been back from his mission. It was good to all be together again. Having cousins in Provo is the best.

Dont worry, Kara is still apart of the family, she was just in Colorado for the weekend for Rugby. Meanwhile Brad and I kept Taylor company. We kinda have an open door policy with Brad and I go over to their house when they're not home and we eat their food:) It's not our fault their ice cream tastes better than ours.

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  1. I love fall in Utah!! That's probably one of the things I miss most about living there. Glad Brad is working hard :)