Sunday, October 16, 2011

Coming soon..April 2012!

NO....we are not pregnant, but it is a day of celebration! Brad has finally decided to run the Salt Lake Marathon with me! He has been kicking against the pricks for a while now, but after much coercion and manipulation he gave in:) We wont start training until next semester, but him running 20 miles a week right now is nothing to be ashamed of. 

Our first experience running together happened right after he got home from his mission. I was doing a 20 miler for the training of my last marathon and he was CONVINCED he could run it with me. I was very impressed that he lasted 14 miles. This is how he looked afterward:


Here is us after I ran my first marathon last April...and I was still alive!

He's convinced this is how he'll look when he finishes in April

We are now taking donations so we can pay for sign up fees. Marathons=EXPENSIVE. The highest donator will be rewarded with their name on our running day t-shirt. 

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  1. I'm actually surprised that Brad took so much convincing! Way to go. And of course right after I read your post I saw this article...
    Be careful! :)