Sunday, September 18, 2011

This is the start of our adventure!

We're alive! I finally feel like I have 2 seconds to breathe so I can start our blog! Yesterday was the four week mark of Brad and I getting married and time has literally flown by. After the wedding it was a whirlwind of us leaving home(sad) and driving to Tahoe for our too short of a honeymoon and then getting back to school. Tahoe was BEAUTIFUL and we had such a good time. It was so relaxing and wonderful to just be together without any wedding stresses. Im so glad that I married someone who is just obsessed with the being outdoors, eating frozen yogurt, and running as I am because that's pretty much all we did. Here's some pictures:



We arrived in Provo two days before school started which means crazy town getting all unpacked and trying to move in. I think we actually spent more time in Target and Macy's for the first couple weeks than we did in our apt OR studying(ooops)...

As for our lives, everything is perfect:) Brad and I are both in school at BYU. We both work as T.A.'s on campus(best. job. ever) and are enjoying our classes. Brad hasn't chosen a major yet but he really loves all the science classes he's taken so I guess we'll see what happens. I recently got certified to be a Zumba instructor and now I am looking to teach somewhere in Provo. I love ZUMBA!!! Brad puts up with A LOT of Latin music being blasted in our living room:)

We dont have our wedding photos back, but our photographer says they will be here soon. Whitni was such an amazing photographer and I CANNOT wait to see them. Here's a little sneek peak of what's to come. AHHHHH so excited:)


  1. I am so glad Brad forgave you for the laxative cookies.You guys being together makes me happy.

  2. So happy that you started your blog!! And I'm glad to see that you are both still alive since we haven't talked at all. Seems like you are happy and doing well. Can't wait to see more wedding pics!

  3. Amazing photo! Glad you started a blog as well!