Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spinach and carrots and celery, oh my!

So the exciting news for this week is that Brad and I bought a juicer! We have been watching a bunch of documentaries and while watching one we decided that we HAVE to have the miraculous juicer. They are not cheap, but because of our extra gift cards at Macy's we justified our spending with the fact that they are so healthy! We were so excited when we got home last night to test it out and were pleasantly surprised at the tasty drink we made with carrots, spinach, and oranges.


Usually it would be expensive to buy all the produce we need to use the juicer, but I am a coupon maniac and Wal-Mart price matches 5 lbs of oranges for a dollar:) We are still trying different combinations so if any of you are loyal juicers and have good recipes I would love some advice. This morning Brad made a spinach, celery, cucumber, and apple "morning zinger." I had to gag it down. I called it "morning sickness." For lunch I made us a carrot, spinach, apple, strawberry, and banana drink. It was delicious. I've decided I am going to be loading my drinks with fruit...Brad thinks that's lame. I think he thinks that more vegetable will make him look like this:

On Friday night I got Brad and I tickets to go to the BYU football game against UCF. (thanks Kara)

Students were pretty much giving away their tickets after the massacre game last weekend. We had fun though and BYU actually won! On the way there Brad and I realized how grateful we are to be at BYU together and to be able to participate in all the fun activities this school has to offer. We wouldn't want to be anywhere else with anyone else. Life is great!


  1. Hey! Nice picture. Looks like a professional took it. Actually, they probably are a professional...stalker that is. jk. loves you :)

  2. Question.... how are you juicing a banana? My dad always used to make us Carrot and Apple. You can get giant bags of carrots at Costco for a pretty good price but you I think have to ask them about it. Love the blog.

  3. Some of those combos definitely don't sound so good but I'm glad that you are healthy! Maybe you could teach us a thing or two? And I didn't know you did couponing! I do too, but it is kind of sporadic and I need to get more into it again. Glad you guys are having fun. We miss Provo so keep enjoying it.

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  5. Becca: You are my inspiration
    Lynsdey: We put the bananas in blender with ice and the juice to make it taste better:)
    Emily: I seriously am obsessed with couponing! It makes me not feel so bad for buying lots of produce